Fate Life or Random Life?

A question stands unanswered among many of us whether fate is real or not. Is it true that everything that we experience is mapped out or is everything just by chance? If it was real, is it possible to change it? These scenarios were sketched out quite humorously in the play, “Oedipus the King.”

It seems that in this play, fate exists, and there are people who have the ability to read it. I found the play to be quite amusing because the main character, Oedipus, had tried to escape his fate, but unknowingly met it. Whether he was fortunate or not, Oedipus had something that we do not have certainty of in the real world, which was basically a reading of his future.

An oracle had told Oedipus that he was to kill his father, and to have sexual intercourse with his own mother! Afraid of committing such actions, he decides to run away from his home. After running away, he goes to kill the king not knowing that he was his real father, and to take over the throne and marry the king’s wife, a.k.a. his real mother.

When I first heard this part of the play, it got me wondering. What if Oedipus had not met the oracle, and had gone living without knowing his fate. Would he have gone to kill his real father and have sex with his real mother? Would his fate have been changed if he hadn’t known about it?

The reason why he had left his foster parents was because the oracle had told him that he was to commit those actions. However if he’d not been told that these things were to happen, he wouldn’t have run away to kill his father. He would have remained in his foster parents household. Therefore, the fate that he had been told would have been false because he wouldn’t have gone near his real parents.

However, is this theory false? If this were to be actually his fate, would he have done these horrid things regardless of whatever? Maybe no matter what he did, nothing could stop him from killing his real father and having sex with his real mother.

This scenario reminds me of a scene from the movie, “Looper.”

SPOIL ALERT! Bruce Willis’ character, the future self of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, comes to the present from the future to shoot and kill a child who in the future would become a dangerous man. The mother of this child comes to protect him by standing right in front of him to block the Bruce Willis from shooting him. Meanwhile, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is standing on the side and has an epiphany. The reason to why the child was to become such a horrid being was because of the fact that if Bruce Willis were to shoot the mother, the child would run away motherless, developing mental problems, and therefore become a psycho. However, Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes a very unexpected route by killing himself, and therefore killing off Bruce Willis as well.

This is obviously a very complicated subject. Maybe the only way to that Oedipus was to alter his fate was to kill himself? Then, he wouldn’t be able to do anything else! 🙂


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