In the Real World: Justice is for the Stronger Party

When Thrasymachus had given his definition of justice by claiming that it is used only for to benefit a stronger party, it threw me off guard. What confused me even more was why he had said it so furiously. At first, it kind of made him seem quite stupid to me. Maybe it is due to the reason that I have read far to the part when Socrates gives his definition of justice, but why Thrasymachus defines justice as being so horrid and chaotic made me wonder why he would think such a thing.

However, giving it more thought made me realize possibilities of why Thrasymachus had stated his definition with such anger. He was describing it through the views of others.

Most people are born with a generous amount of greed and selfishness, which alters their definition of justice, mistaking that it means to please only themselves and/or their loved ones. This is why people would easily take advantage over others who are weaker, and why Thrasymachus describes justice as the benefit of the stronger party.

For example if there was an apocalypse, and people had to steal food to survive. If two families had found that there was only one loaf of bread left in the market, I’m sure the first thought that they would make wouldn’t be to split it. They’re greed would make them want to take the whole load for themselves.

The phrase, “it had to be done,” seems to be said frequently when one family benefits. This scenario seems to correlate a lot with Thrasymachu’s definition.

Speaking of movies, these scenarios happen in movies all the time. The funny thing is that not only the characters in the scene feel like they have benefitted, but the audience watching the movie feel satisfied as well. All we think about is/are the main character(s), and we love the main character(s). We don’t care at all what the other party feels or what they have to go through. If the main characters win, we feel that justice has been made.

Not only in movies, but we see and experience it everywhere! This includes things such as advertising. If a company who is showing off their product to sell has lots of money, they have a higher chance of making much more revenue than other companies who have less money. Even if the product of the richer company is not as good in quality than the poorer company.

Sure, Socrates’ definition of justice is the ideal kind of justice that we would all want in an ideal nation. However, I feel that Thrasymachus’ definition fits more in the real world, and how people think today. It looks like greed causes people to want to beat everyone else in life.


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