Finding the easy way thru life?

We can all agree on the fact life sucks at one point or another. No matter what background we come from, we all are challenged by everyday circumstances that test our will and character. This inevitable struggle through life is a shining poster child for nihilism, which is an understandable standpoint of coping with life’s hardships. I believe these hardships we encounter are reflective to what we have experienced in the past, which aspects of our conflicts have been addressed and, consequently, which aspects we haven’t resolved. What’s more, I believe these unresolved problems we harbor contribute to one’s overly self-conscious and insecurities which can lead to the rejection of reality.

We have seen this rejection of reality in class when we read the Allegory of the Cave. When the man returned to the cave after seeing the outside world, the reaction of the other prisoners was indifferent to what new ideas he may have. Existentially speaking, wouldn’t the idea of one’s reality being shattered by an outside force be alarming? Of course, this man shouldn’t completely trust the delinquents of the cave to understand his point of view, but rather view them as just delinquents. This then brings up the point that the life of a philosopher would be rather lonely, considering his reality and understanding is unique and shared by few.

What this post is addressing is not the lifelong objective of the philosopher, but those poor men left behind in the cave. What does one do in light of alternative, possibly superior knowledge? Do we attempt to defend our pride and ego against these outside forces? Or should we accept that which we might not understand and embrace the outside influence? I believe it is our duty as human beings to progressively be seeking out far more superior realities in order to progress through life. If the theory of the Form of the Good is true, and holds immeasurable merit, striving to accomplish the most just way of life is the only true way to live.


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