Purpose of Nihilism

When we discussed the topic of nihilism in class, I didn’t quite understand why some people of the world feel that they have no purpose in life. I feel that the reason why I have trouble understanding this position is most likely because I am a Christian.

As a Christian, my duty in life is to live to glorify God, and to believe that Jesus Christ had died for the forgiveness of our sins so that when I pass away, my spirit will proceed to the after-life, a.k.a. heaven.

What makes me even more confused is that there is plenty of things out there in the world that can make people feel that they have a meaning to live, but they either choose not to seek it or to accept it. Whether it be religion or not, there are many more things that can make a person feel that they are in fact important.

Take family for example. I’m sure that there are plenty of people in your household who would find you as a big part in their lives. Without you, they could suffer serious loss and suffering. They will be burdened with an emptiness that can never be filled again just because of the fact that you will not be physically part of their lives anymore. Also just in case you do not have anyone who cares for you (which I doubt), when you’re old enough try building your own family. Make something out of yourself. Get married, create life and make and maintain a family.

This statement is definitely an arguable statement. However, my belief on this is quite firm. I just do not understand atheism. What I don’t understand is how following a certain religion can hurt someone. Why doesn’t anyone take the chance of believing in something when there is a possibility that they can possibly have a happier life, and if it’s part of the religion, live eternally in an after-life? If they believe that all that’s going to happen to us is die and never exist in any way, shape or form, why not believe in a religion? Sure it may be in a way, a bit time consuming, but like people say, “better safe than sorry.”

I feel that if people have these things to think about in life, they might find it easier and smoother to live life because they’ll find actual purpose in it. No offense, but living without purpose seems kind of depressing. It seems like it would be a better choice to live life feeling that you have a meaning and importance.


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