Our Behavior in Response to What We’ve Studied

Something I’ve noticed throughout the year is that depending on various topics that we touch upon, we have reacted so distinctly to each portion of this class. I don’t mean to seem like a creep or anything, but I have a great inclination to study people and their habits here and there, and our class is quite colorful in terms of how we behave as students and as the buds of part-time political theorists for the purpose of this class. Some people do not take theĀ opportunities to speak, while others may find themselves speaking more than even themselves really intend on. This roots in different upbringings, self-esteems, thoroughness of readings, and building rage of opposition in which people handle in many ways. Personally, I could care less whether or not what I have to say is valid or not, I like to get my word out on the table. However, there are some people in our class that probably have so much insight that they could have really bloomed as arguers had they taken the reigns in our class.

I think that when it came to reading Oedipus the King, a lot of us were still warming up to the idea of speaking amongst a class and sharing ideas because we were amongst people that we may not necessarily see on a daily basis or met for the first time in this class. I feel that the graphic details and happenings in Oedipus was a nice icebreaker in that sense because it was not really the hardest thing to begin with in terms of the discussion of Greek society and their political habits. Antigone came next and I think this is what really got our wheels turning in terms of different viewpoints and matters for argument. The fact that there were multiple paths and interpretations that Sophocles left us brought a lot of hunger for more information on the ancient Greece culture and practices, so more people found themselves participating and bringing new material to the table.

Moving onto the Plato, Aristophanes, and extra readings seemed like less of a hit in terms of the interest presented by everyone in class. I feel like this period of class may have had less involvement due to either hectic work schedules or disinterest because these discussions ended up being a lot less involved and rowdy as maybe our Antigone or Republic discussions became. Factors such as the weather could have even effected this as I know I feel a lot less motivated when the weather is not agreeing with me.

Even though it was what we spent most time on so by default it brought more discussion, I think that the Republic brought upon the most life in us in relation to the time spent on anything else we did this year. The Republic is just so thorough and has SO much to talk about that I think that people who didn’t even finish a certain reading in time for class discussion could find themselves involved. There is so much that relates to modern society that people were almost upset by the ideas of this type of society existing in the modern day. Many of us put these ideas in the present time and it fueled a lot of the discussion that we found.

Overall, I don’t mean to creep, but I just have a tendency to look at these habits in people. With such a diverse class I couldn’t help but notice this about us.


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