I’m sure someone has blogged about this already

So, I’m sure you’ve heard, Osama Bin Laden was killed on May 2nd 2011. Since this has happened, an unbelievable stream of media and news stories have erupted, and there has been much controversy over the action of the US going in and killing this man, despite his reputation as one of the most evil and most wanted criminals of all time. Especially since the peace and hope loving president Obama has been the one to order this attack, it seems to be more of a shock than a pleasant surprise. Between the suddenness and unexpectedness of this action, as well as the 9 hour car ride home, I spoke with my conservative minded father about this change of wind.

While many see it as a convenient timing for Obama to receive more credibility and backing in the “tough guy” department, my dad who I assumed would be opposed to any sort of Obama glorification at all seemed to be pretty happy with the recent series of events. While someone’s death is never a reason to celebrate, not many can say they will miss Osama Bin Laden, and my dad is currently thinking along those lines. He, like many, appreciate our countries lasting efforts to make a worldwide statement against terrorism and improve the safety and image of our country. However, does this really improve the safety and image of our country? My dad seems to think that completing what you start is a matter of great importance, and I agree, however while our country’s persistence is something to be admired, the whole entity of this war and the past ten years has been nothing to approve of.  Regardless of Osama’s unspeakable deeds that caused many deaths and other horrible events, killing anyone, even a truly evil man, is nothing to flaunt or brag about. With t-shirts being made and photo-shopped photos of Obama saying slanderous jokes and rejoicing in the death of our enemy, all America has done is turn the opportunity for a little bit of redemption for our countries piggish-image into even more piggish image. Thankfully, Obama has done an amazing job giving appropriate speeches and deciding not to release the photos to the public. Looking around the internet, the media doesn’t need anymore photos than what they’ve created for themselves. I can only imagine what our “culture” would do if some of its people were given pictures of dead Osama and the like. As someone else discussed in a blog post, a noble lie is being put to use by keeping information about the killing from the masses. This is for the best, nothing but further proof of the total desolace of the American society would be created by allowing such potent information to be leaked into the public. While this event is one of the true victories of the decade and even of the century, America in its current state is doing its best to turn it into a funny viral scam. This is something that I, as well as my dad, and probably Socrates as well were he around, find disgusting. Osama received justice as it should be, in my opinion. In the opinion of countless Americans, Osama received “a proper ass-kicking”. What a disgusting thing to relate to such an influential event, that will hopefully turn things around for modern America.


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