Politicians: The Corrupt Philosopher Kings

In one of our previous classes, we talked about how societies are organized such that various things are perceived as real when they are really not.  I believe one of the greatest examples of this is in politics.  Many campaigns are designed to only reveal the lovable or admirable sides of a candidate while ignoring others.  An example for this is Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Although he had admirable speeches on his desire to improve California as governor, he used a lot of references to his career as a bodybuilder and an actor to gain appeal.  He used his line from the terminator “I’ll be back” in many of the speeches I watched.  He also has an entire video saying how Obama needs to “do something about those skinny legs”.  Although quite humorous, these remarks do not highlight the qualifications that would make Arnold a good governor.  It is just using his fame to cloud the judgement of voters.  Now many will say he wasn’t that bad of a governor.  But you know darn well the type of strategy his campaign team had in mind for the Terminator.

Here’s that video.  It begins at 1:28.  It is pretty funny if you haven’t seen it.



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