What does it feel like to exist?

I read an article today about existance, and it got me thinking, what does it feel like to exist? I don’t think we know what if feels like to exist, but to exist must feel mundane or boring, just like breathing. To say “you are breathing” is one thing, because if I were to say that “Glenn is breathing” we could all recognize the feeling of breathing. Breathing is news to everyone in the area of Glenn.

But what if no one knew Glenn and I said, “Glenn exists”? This is not news to anyone that may know Glenn. How can we relate to something that we can’t even relate to? Even if I knew Glenn exists, what is it like to be Glenn, or more like, what is it like to be? How can we define the feeling of existence?

This is a very confusing article that I am reading. I wanted to blog about it now, and see if I can follow up with an answer later. I am very intrigued by this article though.

Here is a link: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/existence/


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