I Watched the Matrix

Yes, I watched the Matrix. The first one was terrific, but that’s not the point. One thing that I got from the movie was the perception of reality. The biggest what if of The Matrix was “what if our perception of reality is merely an illusion?” Now, I am not going to argue that we are all plugged into the matrix now, and I am merely a projection in your mind, that would be silly… But what makes our experience on this planet real? Who is to say what I experience in this world is not just all in my head. Reality is all percieved in the mind, and what the mind tells us through our senses can be decieving. Do we actually experience reality? Reality is a funny concept because it is all in our head, what our mind projects us to believe. I also don’t want to make an arguement that we all live in our own fantasy world. But what if all of our minds projected images, smells, and sight differently. How do I know what you see and feel is exactly what I feel? I don’t, and I never will. What I feel is special and unique, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t make me percieve the way you do.

*Drops mike and does a 360*


One Response to I Watched the Matrix

  1. jpdupre1992 says:

    This reminds me of my study of Descartes in my senior philosophy class. This view on our perception of reality sounds very similar to Descartes’ famous argument “Cogito ergo sum” or “I think therefore I am”. This leads to solipsism, the belief that only I exist and everything is a creation of my mind. Descartes also suggests there may be an “evil genius” throwing images in our mind that are not actually real. This is very similar to Neo’s discovery that his world in the matrix is fake and controlled by evil forces.

    And Matt, I love the ending to your post.

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