Many people believe in very different things after their life on this Earth. Despite all of the different beliefs that are had, one thing is certain: we will die. Also with this one thing in common there are also two other choices we can make about death, and that choic is whether or not you choose to believe that the universe is hostile or friendly. Whatever decision you make will tie you to your destiny.

Death is the greatest threat that we as human beings face. Life becomes a race, and everyone looses. But does everyone really lose? Does anyone even win? Is there even a race at all? Many of us fear death. I believe that we fear it because we can not understand it. In a world where we know so much it scares us to think of what we can’t fathom.

Why do we fear death if we do not understand it? What is to fear about something that we don’t know anything about? No one has ever trully known the nature of death, and we know nothing about it. We can not fear what we do not know, to put it simply.


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