Relating The Republic to Modern Day

In light of recent events regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden, I would like to touch on how such events can be related to Plato’s Republic. I recently watched one of the few interviews that bin Laden with US reporters in 1998. During the interview, he explains to the reporters his plight against the United States. He explains all of the unjust acts our government has done to the people of many different middle eastern nations, specifically the Palestinians, and how we are always quick to help out Israel when they are in need even if it means causing supposed act of terrorisms against other innocent populations. This comes back to the idea about the US thinking men like Osama bin Laden are terrible enemies to society when in their own minds they feel that they are only doing what is right for the common good. This conflicting ideas are supporting pieces of evidence for why Plato’s/Socrates’ Republic could never actually exist. It is impossible to think that there will one day be a time when everyone feels that they are receiving proper justice for both themselves as well as the groups they are associated with. While groups like Al Quaeda are seen as terrorists, they are only fighting for what they believe will bring justice to group that they feel deserve it. In a similar way, the US has troops in countless countries all across the world because our government feels it is the mission of our country to protect freedom around the world and promote democracy. However, many have argued that our presence there does far from promoting democracy in placing where democracy may just not belong no matter how just a cause we think it is.


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