Living Life

Sophocles once said, “Show me a man who longs to live a day beyond his time who turns his back on a decent length of life, I’ll show the world a man who clings to folly.” Folly generally means a lack of good sense; foolishness. It has often been said that those who look longing are always living in anticipation of the future, and also those dwelling in the past, lose the sense of the present and; thereby, live a lack luster life style. While knowing how things were and enjoying is important to human nature, we should remember that nothing we have ever experience will ever happen exactly the same to us and; therefore, we should accept things the way come. Also by waiting in anticipation for one small event that happens over the course of our lifetime, we miss out on a lot of the fruits of happiness that life throws at us along the way. Perhaps this could mean that it is not necessary to spend time dwelling on how old civilizations, such as Ancient Greece, used to operate and how there philosophers, such as Socrates use to think and preach. In the same way, there should be no reason for any of us to ever hope that such a society as Plato’s Republic could ever exist and we should accept and enjoy what form of government and forms of freedom we have. Live life to the fullest and enjoy every opportunity we can while we have the chance. This can said because the future brings uncertainty and that which we look forward to may not turn out as we expect to; therefore, we spend the time leading up to it in the best way possible. Not to dwell on the thoughts and ideas of ancient people too much, but I think Sophocles may have had a point.


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