The Republic and the movie Gattaca

I found many parallels to “The Republic” in the movie Gattaca.  In this movie, the world has reached the height of genetic knowledge.  Now everything including your job, physical strength, intelligence, live span, hair color, even number of fingers (they give potential piano players 7 fingers on each hand) are determined before your birth through genetic engineering.  Not only did I enjoy this movie, but I think Socrates would too.  For example, one of the ways the Republic can become corrupt is from appointing the wrong people as philosopher kings who lead the city astray .  This is because the selection process is not perfect and eventually someone would slip through the system who was not fit to rule.  But through the genetic technology in Gattaca, it would be known before birth wether someone would be a good king.  This would eliminate the years taken to run the selection process because everyone’s place would be determined even before they came into the world.  Then instead of using the Myth of the Metals and the sex lottery, the kings would have real scientific evidence to prove why people are born to do certain things and that certain people should breed together to promote a superior gene pool.  As a result, the city would be based completely on truth and not on “noble” lies which, in my opinion, would create a even more just society.


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