Relating The Republic to Real Life Societies

While much of Socrates proposed Republic seems ideal but implausible, many societies throughout the years have implemented different ideas that are presented. When one looks at the communist societies of the USSR and the People’s Republic of China, you can see how they use ways of selection of citizens for certain positions. One excellent example is how they would select children from birth who would be the countries athletes and compete in the Olympic games. These kids are trained in different aspects of physical training in order to become the best they can be and be an asset to their country. In a similar way, there were some children born that would be chosen to be leaders and be members of the party. This would be a very select few and would probably be determine by small factors like how healthy or strong the newly born baby looked or if someone foresaw leadership in their future. I do not believe that it had anything to do with the factors that Socrates proposes regarding the theory of the forms and I do not believe the people in charge of making decisions where children would be placed thought that any one person would be associated with any type of metal. I would just like to propose that perhaps these leaders probably had read The Republic and derived some inspiration from that.


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