An example of an imbalance in society.

It seems to happen rather often these days that I read a headline that is completely shocking, and at the same time I’m just not even surprised by it anymore. According to this article, the Borders high ups are looking for an enormous bonus ($8,300,000) while recently they closed 225 of their locations, cutting 6000 employees jobs, and freezing most employees salaries from receiving raises. Unfortunately, this article is painfully biased, and I had difficulty find a neutral source for this information. At any rate, this is a great example of something where there is at least in some way a corrupted leadership.

Applying Socrates ideas from The Republic to this situation is a stretch, but in order to have a just corporation, the CEO and high ups would have to live like the philosopher kings. With very little material possession, and living off the company, only serving their minimal needs. This would certainly free up enough money so that at least some of those stores would not have to close, and the corporation as a whole would be more successful.


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