Forms and Other Theories

Tonight I was having a discussion about physics during the intermission of a concert with a couple friends (yes, I understand I’m a nerd) and we began talking about the theory of “absolute zero”.  Of course the first thing I thought of was our discussion we had today earlier in class about the form beauty and things that are beautiful.  Like beauty, the concept of absolute zero cannot be obtained.  First off you need a complete vacuum and second, in order to make something have a temperature of absolute zero you need to cool that something with another something that has a temperature beneath that of absolute zero.

In essence, absolute zero, like beauty or triangles etc, exists only in theory and not in the material world.  Yet the theories behind all of these things still hold great significance despite the impossibility of their existence.  If you stick with this theory of absolute zero and how it relates to the theory of beauty, then you would have to accept that to have something in reality that is truly beautiful it would need to have elements more beautiful than beauty itself.  How can you have something more beautiful than beauty itself?

*Oh, and just a side note for all you musicians, I got on the topic of absolute zero via frequencies and how 0 Hz means there is no vibration whatsoever which, like absolute zero, beauty, etc, does not exist other than in theory.


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