On the Topic of Our Last Class

This sort of reminded me of our discussion today of justice in the soul being a balance of rational, spirits, and appetites. I would be willing to conjecture that this man was letting his appetite get the best of him. I’m sure Plato would say that he was indulging in an act that may have brought him pleasure, but was ultimately unjust and will bring him sorrow. Of course this would not only be for the legal ramifications, but because his conscience, and his soul would be out of balance. Of course we haven’t fully discussed this yet though.

The thing I liked most about reading this is, while it is absolutely terrible, it almost seems too ridiculous to be real. It’s like when we give an example in class of some absurd situations simply to help clarify a question. This series of events sounds like one of these examples verbatim. If only we lived in Socrates society, these things might not happen. Well, maybe.



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