Theme of Fate in Works Today -The Adjustment Bureau

I just saw a trailer for the upcoming movie “The Adjustment Bureau.” From the released content so far, this movie is about a man that accidentally runs into a mysterious group of men whose job it is to control everything in society. In this futuristic sci-fi movie everything in your life in controlled by the adjustment bureau. Their activities will influence your ideas, your choices, and everything else in your life. This reminded me of our running discussion of fate in the tragedy genre. One of the trailer lines is even “You can’t outrun your fate.” This is an interesting take on the idea of your fate being set, but not by some unknown force, but by a group of people with a specific plan for how your life will play out. One thing I am interested to see is how they explain the protagonist finds out about the bureau, and if these random occurences can happen how this guy is more important than other people that have found them. I would imagine if they aren’t in complete control of each life they would be found on accident a lot, and would be quite efficient at fixing those glitches swiftly. Regardless of skepticism, this looks like it could be cool, and I just thought I would share it.


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