Another Demagogue

At the risk of possibly stirring some ill political feelings, I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a political cartoon that I was recently shown. I was instantly reminded of it when we began our discussion of demagogues and our comparison between Sara Palin and Creon today. . This cartoon focuses on Ronald Reagan and the way that many people overlook the major mistakes that he made during his presidency because they were infatuated with his personality and ability to relate to the “common man”. The specific panel that resonated with me the most and most clearly illustrates the idea of a “demagogue” is the one that says “He crushed worker rights, but he was someone you could sit down and have a beer with.” Although it contains some exaggeration, this cartoon really emphasizes some of the fears that Americans have about the ways the our leaders are elected. I believe that this is one of the many critiques of democracy that, according to Honig, Sophocles includes in “Antigone


One Response to Another Demagogue

  1. lucasgoodman says:

    I don’t think I could have put this any better myself. The cartoon does all of the talking. Its brilliant (even though some may call it pro-liberal propaganda), and effectively conveys its message. I need to keep this in my back pocket.

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