1st Short Blog Post: Antigone comparison with Pop Culture

In class this past week we discussed the position of Antigone as far as representing the household, representing the state, or representing neither. We came to the conclusion that while she may show signs of representing the household, Antigone is really an anarchist who is causing disruption in the whole system that Thebes is operating in. Not only is she a woman standing up against the state but she is also defying the commands of the head of her household by burying the body of Polynices. This feeling of anarchy explains her apparent obsession with death.  I think that is case is very similar to that of the Joker in the recent movie, Batman: The Dark Knight. While it sometimes appears that the Joker is working with the members of the mob scene in Gotham and while he sometimes is striking deals with members of the local law enforcement community, he is really just looking out for himself and he is trying to make his sick visions of people turning against one another and suffering into a reality. He is seen with another character at one point telling him how everyone is calm when things go according to “plan”. When something happens that suddenly changes “the plan”, people go crazy and are thrown into “anarchy.” That is why, under the given circumstances, that Antigone and the Joker can be seen as having similar traits.


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